We want to go to school!

The Little School is planning for the first day of school on September 1. On Monday, August 31, teachers will send a “Welcome Video” to all parents. Also on this day, families can “Drive By” to pick up the Little School bag filled with car numbers and other items needed for school.

What will be different this year because of Covid?

What will be different this year because of Covid?
(1) Parents will be asked to answer a list of questions each day before arriving at school.
(2) Classroom teachers will take temperatures upon arrival.
(3) Handwashing has always been a HUGE part of a preschooler’s day and it will continue to be so this year. Children will wash their hands immediately upon entering the classroom and, as usual, continually throughout the day.
(4) Masks = Teachers will wear masks when traveling from classroom to restroom, or gym, or foyer for carpool, or playground, or Little Church. They will wear masks or face shields when in the classroom with the little schoolers. Preschoolers will not be required to wear masks.
(5) Cleaning = Teachers have always cleaned tables and other highly touched areas during the school day. In addition, the Ascension Cleaning Crew cleans each classroom daily after children are gone. This will continue in each area everyday.