Little School Graduate

Maureen Mehan, a Little School graduate and now a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the US Navy, was mentioned at the hospital press conference Saturday morning, October 3, as being on the team taking care of the President. Click to view the post (about the 1 minute 30 seconds mark).

Maureen is mentioned when the doctor lists the team members. Maureen is not standing there because she was on the night shift.  Once President Trump is well, Maureen will be on a ship sailing the world’s seas for months.

Maureen has been addressed by the President twice. Maureen’s dad has a White House flag lapel pin that President Trump gave to Maureen’s senior officer to give to her. Maureen says President Trump visits the Wounded Warriors all the time, but unfortunately the press never reports it. The photo shows Maureen (3rd nurse on the left) with president Trump on one of his visits to Walter Reed.

Her proud dad, Dick Mehan, Jr. says, “Maureen keeps herself busy… and it started at The Little School. She loved the Little School. I remember the first day I dropped her off for school there. She climbed out of the car, didn’t even turn around, and ran straight to school. No kiss for me…no tears…just a sprint to the door. My wife Nancy picked her up from the Little School at the end of the first day, and Maureen told her, ‘Oh Mommy, I had such a fun day!’ “